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50 Year History

Erv’s Vac Shop has been serving the local Goshen, IN and surrounding communities since 1970. Now we have expanded with another location in Elkhart. We’re more than a vacuum repair shop. We offer top of the line vacuums, air cleaners, in-house vac systems, cleaning products and so much more. And oh yes our years experience and friendly staff. Erv’s wants to give that home town feeling with that personal touch. 

vacuum repair and service

Our trained repair technicians can repair and service most any brands. 

Schedule Maintenance

Having a schedule maintenance plan for your vacuum is important for the life span of your vacuum. We provide the filters, belts and bags to keep you running. Also, we can service it for you with no appointment necessary.

in-house vacuum services

Our expert in-house vac technicians can customize a free quote. For our existing customers. We are more than happy to schedule you an appointment to service and repair your unit. So give us a call today.

Breathing Easier

With a wide range of allergy relief product from air cleaners, air sterilizers and vacuums with hospital grade filtration. Everthing you need to breath with ease.  

With two locations this increases our buying power to give you the best price. Also helps us give our customers more chocies. Whatever flooring or cleaning needs you have we are the go to people to help you find what you’re looking for. We also carry air purifiers and cleaning supplies. We run are business for you our local community snd neighbors. So, Come on by one of our stores let us make your home a cleaner…healthier home. 



Our Elkhart Store


Just a few of our products


Made in Germany, SEBO offers the world’s best vacuum cleaners for pet hair removal, allergy and asthma relief, ease-of- use, and reliability.

Riccar & Simplicity

Cleaning carpet is essential, look for high performing, thoughtfully designed, crafted and tested HEPA media vacuums supported by a community of independent retailers. Look for a Riccar vacuum.


Airocide eliminates harmful bacteria and mold spores from the air. This is why it has been a critical part of high-quality health care for nearly twenty years. It is used in hospitals and other health care facilities all over the world to prevent infections that come from airborne sources.

When it’s time to say goodbye: Is it time to replace your vacuum?

Vacuum cleaners don't last forever. In fact, vacuum cleaners give you several tell tale signs when it comes to them  "needing to be replaced". You can deep clean a vacuum all you want, but at some point, you have to admit that it's time to sit it on the curb and...

When Dust Mites Attack

When Dust Mites Attack There is nothing to fully prepare you the first time you see a dust mite. Even though these disgusting little buggers are small, they look like something straight out of as science fiction movie, so when you hear they are feeding on skin cells,...

When It Doesn’t Suck

We've all been had such great intentions, and decided to clean the floors, then all of a sudden you realize; none of the dirt is getting picked up by your vacuum. This can be so frustrating, as your vacuum really only has one job; to suck up all of the...

The “In & Out” of Stain Removal

There are many different kids of stains, and each one can pose different risks to your floor, depending on what you have as a covering (carpet, tile, laminate, wood). At Erv's we have several different options for you to keep your floors looking (and smelling) like...

Why Your Vacuum Needs To Be Serviced 

You service the oil on your car. You probably service your furnace each year. Many people though are unaware that their vacuum also needs servicing! Today's vacuums are different from the vacuums of yesteryear. They are a significant investment, and many have...

Achoo! My Allergies Are Awful: 6 Considerations For Allergy Sufferers When Purchasing Your Next Vacuum

It’s that time again. Spring brings with it many amazing things! Beautiful flowers, trees are blossoming, warmer temps…all come with the Spring season. There is also of course the dreaded…ALLERGIES! Most are at least starting to think about Spring cleaning, and with...

10 Quick Tips for Your Vacuum with Spring Cleaning

The thought of spring cleaning may strike fear into your heart (especially if your little ones have been home on snow days!), but it should also give you a sense of relief,  as it means that Spring will soon be here! While your home may need spring cleaning, what...

4 Reasons You Will LOVE A Central Vacuum System!

You may have seen one on TV, have a friend who raves about theirs or saw an article online about how fabulous they are, but many people simply do not realize how affordable and life changing a central vacuum system is! There are about 100 reasons why I think EVERYONE...

Spring Cleaning Shouldn’t Be JUST for Spring

Were are DEEP into least with the cold, the snow and the flu! Did you know that air pollutant levels indoors can be up to five times greater than outside? Did you also know that air pollutant levels get worse the more time you spend indoors? This equals a...

3 Things to Think About When Buying a Vacuum For A Pet

Pets are hair? Not so much! That is why it is important to invest in a vacuum that will do the job right EVERY time...not just the FIRST time. Before you go spend your hard earned cash though, it is important to keep a few things in mind. 1. Spot or...


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