Many vacuums, sorry to say, simply aren’t what they used to be. While 50 years ago, it was the norm to fix your vacuum several times, today it is often more cost effective to replace your vacuum than to go to the trouble and expense of repairing it. So when do you repair? Glad you asked!
How much do you like your vacuum?
This may seem like a funny question, but if your vacuum has been amazing, and you aren’t super keen on getting a new one, then repair may be the way to go. If you have a vacuum that has been nothing but trouble, then it may very well be time to get rid of it.
Uh-Oh, It’s Wet
They make “wet-dry vacs” for a reason…ALL vacuums are not made to handle water. If your vacuum has its internal components wet, it is quite possibly beyond repair, and it is probably not cost effective even if repair is possible.
Wow, that is LOUD
Is suction noise getting ridiculously loud? Your vacuum is more than likely at the end of its life. You won’t be able to replace these types of components for less than getting a new vacuum, so it is more than likely time to start looking!
Issues not mentioned above may be worth taking the time and money to fix. Regardless of what you decide though, whether it is fix or replace, come to Erv’s and let us help you! We fix old vac’s and sell new ones every day!
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