We have seen the trends. Your toilet is eco-friendly. Your dishwasher is too. Most vehicles that are coming out this year have several eco-friendly upgrades that are either mandated or soon will be. So what exactly are the benefits of buying an eco-friendly vacuum? Let’s look at 3!
1. Eco-friendly means less electricity is used…this saves you money! 
You use less electricity, your electric bill goes down…this is as certain as death and taxes! When you use an eco-friendly vacuum, you are guaranteed it uses less electricity which saves your pocketbook!
2. Buy an appliance not a vacuum! 
A vacuums lifespan is estimated at 2-3 yrs max. Most break and aren’t worth repairing.  An appliance is designed for long life and able to be repaired.  It’s time to buy what grandma bought. A vacuum appliance!
3. You help keep the earth clean!
Buying a vacuum appliance means you aren’t throwing it away every few years and filling the landfill.  Plus a vacuum appliance keeps your home much cleaner as well!
So even though eco-friendly isn’t at the top of everyone’s list when buying a new vacuum, it probably should be! There are so many benefits, and Erv’s has many of them in our showroom available for purchase right now!