Were are DEEP into winter…at least with the cold, the snow and the flu! Did you know that air pollutant levels indoors can be up to five times greater than outside? Did you also know that air pollutant levels get worse the more time you spend indoors? This equals a perfect storm for many families in the winter time, and leads many homes into an awful cycle of getting sick over and over again. Today we are going to discuss three things that you can do to get the nasty yuck OUT of your home in the winter!

Vacuum your bed!

Whether it be dust mites or skin cells, your be is ripe with gross that you cannot even see! This is why it is important to flip your mattress and to vacuum your mattress! It is crucial to have a good vacuum and to have an upholstery attachment for this process and it involves sprinkling baking soda on your mattress to absorb odors and then vacuuming it up to get rid of all of the creeping crud.

Clean your heating vents

Heating vents can be depositories for germs and dirt. Many people don’t clean their vents until they think about it, which is often NOWHERE near enough! If people keep getting sick in your home, it may very likely have to do with the germs recycling again and again through your houses ductwork. This is NOT the good kind of recycling!

Clean your kitchen ceiling

Much like the heating vents, cleaning the kitchen ceiling often gets overlooked. Often times your ceiling can be a sticky mess from all of the residue from cooking, which can be a germ magnet. When your heater turns on, these germs can be blown back into the environment, and you can get sick. It can take a while to clean your ceiling the right way depending on how big your kitchen is, but it is a relatively easy process.

1. First, mix a small amount of dish soap, vinegar and warm water together in a bucket. (You could also try a product we sell at Erv’s called Vital Oxide… it’s AMAZING!)

2.Once you have your cleaning mixture ready, dip a sponge mop into the mix, squeeze out the excess water and then gently press it onto the ceiling moving it back and forth until you have removed the residue.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to be MUCH healthier this winter. Also, think about how much easier Spring cleaning will be