You may have seen one on TV, have a friend who raves about theirs or saw an article online about how fabulous they are, but many people simply do not realize how affordable and life changing a central vacuum system is! There are about 100 reasons why I think EVERYONE should own one, but today we will focus on my top 4…
1. With the power unit in the garage or basement, there is minimal noise and no air recirculation in the room. They are clinically proven to reduce allergens in the home!
2. No canister to pull behind while you try to navigate difficult areas to reach. NO tripping down the stairs anymore trying to lug the upright either!
3. Bigger unit, BIGGER motor…BIGGER motor, more suction power to remove pet hair, allergens, and deep down dirt.
4. An incredibly long vacuum hose and multiple hose plugins around your house means that you can vacuum EVERYWHERE with little to no difficulty. The new systems even have an option to retract the hose back into the wall valve!