You service the oil on your car. You probably service your furnace each year. Many people though are unaware that their vacuum also needs servicing!

Today’s vacuums are different from the vacuums of yesteryear. They are a significant investment, and many have computerized parts on them that are costly to repair. Many new vacuums come with a 12 month warranty, but the average ownership of a vacuum is closer to 5 years, so what are you to do for the issues that might show up during the other 4 years? The simple answer is to “catch” those issues before they become costly repairs. 

If your motor goes out on a vacuum, repairing it can often be as costly (sometime more so) than replacing the entire vacuum. Getting your vacuum cleaner serviced regularly can help keep it in excellent working order and extend the life of the motor, or at least prevent early failure. This servicing is in addition to routine maintenance that you should carry out yourself in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations (check your manual for this). You should have your vacuum serviced at least every 12 months.

So don’t neglect the regular servicing of your vacuum! You can drastically reduce needed repairs, not to mention extend the overall life of your vacuum by tending to it yearly and making sure everything is in good working order. We are a licensed servicing/repair center for most major brands, so give us a call at Erv‘s and let us set up your appointment today!