There are many different kids of stains, and each one can pose different risks to your floor, depending on what you have as a covering (carpet, tile, laminate, wood). At Erv‘s we have several different options for you to keep your floors looking (and smelling) like new!
Carpet Shampoer 
Anyone who has a child (human or animal) knows that there are some stains that need some extra “oomph” to remove. Blood, animal feces or urine, ground in dirt…these all need more than just elbow grease. We offer the option to buy or rent carpet cleaning machines that will do the very best job of getting and much of the stain (both appearance and odor) out of your floor.
Sometimes, urine and other bodily fluids need a little more…Science is a great thing, and we have a product that uses Science to remove the fluids at a cellular level! Our “Munch Away” is an amazing product that will get rid of those fluids permanently…or at least until Spot has another accident!
Powders that can be sprinkled on your carpet are also available. These are more of a pleasant “smell” option, but some have the ability to help in cleaning as well. You can find many of these options right here at Erv‘s Vac Shop!
So if your floor looks a little “yuck” or smells a bit “ewwww”, don’t replace it until you come see us! We may have a MUCH less expensive option to fix your floor and leave it looking and smelling fresh once again!