We’ve all been there…you had such great intentions, and decided to clean the floors, then all of a sudden you realize; none of the dirt is getting picked up by your vacuum. This can be so frustrating, as your vacuum really only has one job; to suck up all of the dirt! So what might be going on? Well, today we look at one thing that it might be. Keep in mind that it could be a host of things, and we can help you figure that out at Erv‘s Vac Shop. Simply bring in your vacuum to our shop in Goshen, Indiana and we will tell you whether it is fixable, or if it is time to get a new unit.
Obstructing Justice..err…Cleaning
When your vacuums stops sucking, you may have simply picked up something that has gummed up the roller bar. If it isn’t free from debris, then it may not be able to turn and pick up the dirt on your floors, causing the dirt to stubbornly stay put. This can be an easy thing to fix, if you can get to the roller bar easily. If you cannot, then it is really best to bring it to us and let us check it out. It is worth mentioning that we offer yearly maintenance on your vacuum that can pretty much prevent this kind of thing, and it is a fantastic value that can really add years to your vacuum cleaners life.
Again, this is only one thing that it could be, and the list of other things is quite long. DO NOT attempt to fix things on your vacuum that you are unsure about; that is why shops like ours exist! Let us do the detailed work and help you and your vacuum stay friends for years to come!